One alternative to Flipgrid is EduClipper. Create clips, groups, allow students to create clips, and so on. Create your community and social presence in this interactive format.

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5 Responses to “Create Conversations With EduClipper”

  1. Andrea Coldwell

    I can see how this tool could be useful to get students to discuss visual content. However, I found it to be less than intuitive and limited by its connection to visual content.

  2. Matt Crosslin

    Hey Andrea – thanks for checking this out and sharing your experiences! Sorry that the tool wasn’t working that great – I didn’t get to dig into it that much before posting it here. So others thinking about this tool – be sure to consider the pros and cons from Andrea!

  3. Jenny Roye

    I have an account with EduClipper but haven’t really explored it much. It looks like there is lots of content there for educators, so I think this might be a good resource for me. It may have an application for patient teaching for my course.

  4. Stefanie Krupp

    I tried this out here because I don’t have an iPad to do the other activity:

    However, I could not change the orientation of the image. I am technically referring students to a web site and then asking them to respond to information there. I threw this together quickly – I’m not teaching the course yet – this course is my warm up. This really could just be done in the LMS.


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