Facebook Groups are a way to connect with learners on one of the sites they are already on. Create a Facebook Group for your class, and somewhere in the group describe your pedagogy for the group as well as how you evaluate the usage of the group.

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  1. Jenny Roye

    Facebook has been a staple in our program for a few years. Each cohort (group of about 120 students) that start at the same time have their own group. Since our students are from all over Texas, this si a good way for them to get to know each other. Promotes that community. Sometimes, it does get a bit out of hand, though. with them complaining about an instructor or sharing information regarding tests, etc. We got smart about two years ago and started creating the facebook groups and then inviting the students to join. That way, we are the administrators and we can monitor for inappropriate posts, etc. One thing you do have to be very careful of is not to post anything like assignments or other “need to know” information on Facebook only. It has to be posted in the course ware as well. Not everyone is on Facebook. It is also a way to keep students in touch after they graduate. Works great for networking.. I think it’s a win…


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