Google Plus Communities are a way to connect with learners in a service of one of the sites they are probably already on. Create a Google Plus Community for your class, and somewhere in the community describe your pedagogy for the community as well as how you evaluate the usage of the community.

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  1. Jenny Roye

    I created a Google+ account for my course. I made it invitation only. I sent the link to my school email. Here is the invitation. Do I need to send an invite to one of you guys so you can get in?

    Jenny invited you to join a Google+ community

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    Jenny Roye
    Welcome to NURS4431- Nursing Care of Children and Adolescents. Thanks for joining the group. Please feel free to participate in discussion, add information, or just share about your experience in the course. Remember, you must maintain all patient confidentiality when you post.

  2. Matt Crosslin

    I think that is a great idea – you might want to invite me in to see it if you are wanting to get your badge for this week. Mainly just because I want to see it 🙂 But if not, no problem.


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