Create an assignment that uses video assignments for peer review. Create the instructions on your blog, and have your students create their own YouTube, Vimeo, or other video site account and then comment on each others’ videos with their peer reviews.

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  1. Jenny Roye

    So this assignment is going to be a “version 2” of an assignment I created for another course. Reading the information on peer review gave me an idea of how I can make it better for my pediatric nursing course. This is the “new and improved” version that will incorporate peer review as well as self reflection:

    Part 1:
    Students will choose a Youtube video that contains a controversial/ethical situation in pediatric nursing. (I am toying with the idea of having these videos approved by me before they begin, but maybe not…)

    The student will use VoiceThread or Padlet to create a “space” in which comments can be made.

    Student will compile three questions related to the video, exploring feelings and opinions on the issue.

    The student will then post their “situation” to a group site within Blackboard with a link to their Padlet wall or VoiceThread.

    Part 2:
    Student will choose one video to comment on (may not use their own) answering the three questions posed by the author of the “assignment”. There will be a max of three responses to each video. If there are already three responses, students must choose another video.

    Part 3:
    Original author must review, “grade” and respond to students comments on their video questions.

    I think the rubric will have to be very general as to account for subjectivity.

    As for an explanation of the need for peer review:
    One of the most important revelations may be that others have differing opinions from you. I would like for this assignment to give students the opportunity to reply to someone that might have that differing opinion in a professional manner before they get out into the workplace and have to reply to their employer, supervisor, or coworker. In addition to learning about ethical issues, and reflecting those situations themselves, they may learn how to respectfully and professionally disagree.

    Students will then provide the instructor with the grades for their fellow students.

    It may need some logistical tweaking, but I think the idea of finding their own situational video, writing their own questions, and reading and replying to other’s responses is the skeleton of this assignment.


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