Human MOOC – Presence Reflection

12-17-15 Reflection

On my journey to develop as an instructor, I identified the need to develop competency related to humanizing my online classes. I was fortunate to come across the work of Michelle Pacansky-Brock.  I had just completed teaching an online doctoral course.  I felt limited and confined in how I could help my students with their doctoral project development with the tools provided through our online LMS.  I found my way to an free online program aimed at helping faculty develop their skill set in humanizing the classroom.  As part of this program, I am asked to reflect on the pros and cons of instructor video in class.

Some of the pros that I have identified include:

  • Students can visually see the instructor's body language, face, and presence. 
  • Students can hear the instructor's tone.
  • The student's can connect with the faculty member.
Some of the cons may include:
  • Requires technology. If the students don't have a video player, laptop, or smartphone, they may not be able to view the video.
  • Students may not want to take the time to watch a video.
  • The faculty may have poor video/audio equipment and thus the medium may be of poor quality.
These are just a few that come to mind. I hope to add more pros than cons as I learn more.