First Iteration of IntegralMOOC purpose as written for #HumanMOOC

I want to answer a number of questions to explore the feasibility of and interest in a purpose.


To enable the development of a series of MOOCs that unpack, build off of, and expand on concepts presented in a Core MOOC. As a working title, let’s call this Core MOOC “Integral Basics.” The concepts presented in this MOOC will serve as an introduction to the range of collective and individual capacities that humans have available to them and phenomena they can experience in both internal and external environments. In short, it will serve as comprehensive guide to all the Big Sites (both touristy spots and hidden gems) in the landscape of Human Potential. The expansionary MOOCs will then zoom in on the various aspects of this map to flesh out their details.


  1. What are the trade-offs between online (in particular, MOOCs) and traditional scholastic approaches in terms of educational [outcomes]?
  2. If MOOCS can serve my purpose, then what are good enough practices for structuring them for delivering particular [outcomes] given particular [contexts.]* How do I define my own desired [outcomes]*? (I know I am interested in both developmental outcomes and ‘knowledge/skill acquisition’ outcomes…I could use help finding standard terminology for the former outcome type.)

*Everything in [brackets] is a variable. I have ideas about what some of them are, for me, but they are fuzzy, and I am looking to gain clarity on how to define these concepts and what their possibilities include.


Further, I’m interested in some side questions:

The first has to do with broader educational frameworks. How does the #HumanMOOC fit within a general map of educational philosophies. I suspect that knowing this will both help me situation the MOOC within broader educational paradigms and determine which paradigms would best suit my purposes.

I also suspect it will help me determine if I am, at this point, getting in over my head. Do I need to get my head around bigger pictures, before diving into the type of specific details presented in this MOOC. If so, does anyone have suggestions about what Open Educational Resources (OER) I should start with to get better situated?

Thinking about details, however, I’m also interested in Nuts and Bolts type questions: What…

Platforms & Tools?


Time frame?

Skills, resources, business plans, etc….

Should I be looking at to achieve my purpose?

Ending on that note, I’d like to give my broader purpose framed as a question:

Can, and if so how can, education (particularly online) help humanity address its most wicked of problems: extreme poverty, war, climate change, etc?

My intuition is that they type of education that I’m interested in contributing to has the potential to help people develop global perspectives. This is important because I think that effectively addressing most (if not all) of our biggest challenges will require, at a minimum, organizations constituted of strategically minded individuals who have the capacity to think and act globally. If so, the more folk imbue these capacities with, the more likely it is that meet these challenges successfully.

So, the first steps on my journey is determining if my intuitions are substantiated by evidence. Then, if they are, exploring the feasibility of realizing the first step, and develthe Core “Integral Basics” MOOC.

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