Zaq Mosher



Zaq Mosher


About Me

Transhumanist, collectively intelligent, aesthete, polymath & polytopian, resilience geek, technoshaman…plain and simple? ;P

Why I Am Here

To answer a number of questions in services of a purpose.




1) Can MOOCs effectively compete with Brick and Mortar classrooms as a way to deliver educational outcomes?


1b) If no, then can they serve as a bridge to help create offline education where it is not currently available or is it better than nothing?


1c) If yes, then what are the best practices for delivering a range of outcomes given particular contexts.


Purpose: To enable the creation a series of MOOCs that build off of and expand on a Core MOOC. The Core MOOC will be a introduction to  the range of collective and individual capacities and phenomena that humans can access in internal and external spaces.

Course Interests

Education, MOOCS, Integral, AQAL, Assessment, Buisness Models, Feasibility, Collaboration, Wikis, Course Design, Educational Theory, Adaptive Feedback, Holocracy, Developmental Education, Adult Development, Global Education, Online Education, Blended Learning, Teaching, Project Management, Stragetic Thinking, Critical Analysis, Degree Plans, Open Education, OER