Week 1


Week 1: Instructor Presence (November 21 – 27, 2016)

Students in higher education want to “connect” in the courses that they take. Enabling them to connect both academically and socially is critical to their success in the course and the program. They have a desire to connect with the content they are provided, connect with other students, and also establishing a connection with their instructor. In this course we are learning about how to create these connections so that students feel like they have a true “presence” in our classes. This week we are specifically talking about Instructor Presence.

Establishing instructor presence is critical in an online class so that students do not feel isolated and alone. Imagine if an instructor didn’t show up to teach in a face-to-face class? What makes an instructor successful in an online classroom is no different that a face-to-face classroom. Your role as the lecturer or faculty is to help your students to become more involved in the subject area and content, connect them with you (the professor), and other students.

In this module, learners will explore techniques for increasing their instructor presence in their online courses. Methods from experts in the industry have been curated to bring you the best advice. For example, one of the startles presented this week is to engage our students with an instructor introduction video.

Guiding Questions

  • What are your thoughts about teaching online? Do you feel like the role of an online teacher is different than a face-to-face instructor?
  • Is teaching online different than teaching face-to-face? When students take an online class, what are some factors that may cause them to feel lack of connection?
  • What steps can instructors take to increase their presence in an online course?

Module Objectives

  • Create an introduction video to use in your own online course that sets the tone and clarifies expectations.
  • Explore tools to create asynchronous video that will enhance instructor presence. These tools may be used to create instructional video, give feedback on assignments, or engage learners with content.
  • Consider student blogging or vlogging (video blogging) as a tool for reflection and demonstration of knowledge.

To Do List

  • Read articles and watch videos regarding the use of videos to enhance presence.
  • Join us as we discuss Teacher Presence with Harriet Watkins on November 21 at 3 PM CST (check the schedule here)
  • Participate though blogging or Twitter during live Twitter chats during the Google Hangouts using the #HumanMOOC hashtag.
  • Complete the Instructor Introduction Activity by uploading a video to YouTube or Vimeo.
  • Complete the Instructor Tool Activity.
  • If you have completed your participation in the HumanMOOC, please fill out the HumanMOOC Experience Survey.