Week 2


Week 2: Social Presence  (November 28 – December 4, 2016)

It’s your first official dat as an online instructor and you’ve come out of the gate strong with your “welcome to the course” video. You’ve seeded both the course and yourself in the learners’ minds and set the tone for your burgeoning learning community. But you know it’s not enough for the learners to feel supported by you and connected to you. You need them to feel that way about each other.

The only thing is, they are all pretty much complete strangers to one another and likely will never meet in-person. It’s like being the new kid on the first day of school. Only everyone is new, including you. So what’s your move, instructor? How are you going to foster social presence and transform this disparate group of strangers into a vibrant learning community?

Encouraging social presence from participants in your online course is an important part of the community building process. Imagine if an instructor didn’t show up to teach in a face-to-face class? What makes a instructor successful in an online classroom is no different than a face-to-face classroom. Your role as the lecturer or faculty is to help your students become more involved in the subject area and content, connect them with you, and other students.

In this module, learners will explore techniques to increase social presence in online courses.

Guiding Questions

  • What are your thoughts about learning online and developing community online?
  • Consider how students must feel when they cannot meet with their classmates and instructor in the classroom, how can you make them feel connected to their learning community?
  • How can your learning activity design enhance the social connectedness of learners?

Module Objective

  • Examine the use of asynchronous tools to extend the boundaries of the classroom.
  • Consider how you can leverage technology to help students be more “real” with each other.
  • Set achievable personal goals for establishing your social presence and for utilizing social media tools.

To Do List

  • Read articles and watch videos regarding social presence.
  • Join the Social Presence Hangout with Alexandra Pickett on November 28 at 11 AM CST (HumanMOOC hangout schedule)
  • Participate through blogging or Twitter during live twitter chats during the Google Hangouts using the #HumanMOOC hashtag.
  • Complete the Setting Personal Goals Activity by utilizing FlipGrid.
  • Complete the Demonstrate Social Presence Tools and Design Activity by participating in the Canvas discussion forum.
  • Complete the YellowDig social sharing activity.
  • If you have completed your participation in the HumanMOOC, please fill out the HumanMOOC Experience Survey.